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This is an introduction to my blog which will consist of multiple articles on various topics . I intend to speak reality in all of my posts as I feel our world is lacking in reality at an alarming rate . I will speak on subjects people tend to not even dare to speak on . My hopes is to get viewers to see the bigger picture in everything . I’m Looking forward to a great journey , see you in my next post

~Chuck Jeannette~

Are You Going To Live Free Today ? …

So many are going to punch a time clock today with an enormous amount of hate while doing so . Finally the time is going to narrow down to 20 mins until you can punch out and be free from your job . Before then though your boss is going to approach you and ask you … Would you like to stay for some overtime , because your coworker called out of work . Are you passionate about your dreams ? Do you literally itch to work on your passion? So here’s the moment of truth .. Your boss has asked you to stay for ( Time and a half ) to tap into your time of working on your passion. Let’s see how much that passion is TRULY worth. Now’s the time . Are you going to fold ? Are you going to spit in the face of your passion ? Choice is yours .

P.S. Imagine your coworker called out because he or she needed more time to work on his or her passion “WHOA” !!!!

~Live Free Media~

The Weakest Link In Business Is Always Management ….

Is it becoming more and more common to walk into businesses and continuously see employees browsing their mobile devices , how about those employees that just gather up with each other to discuss their personal life for majority of their shift leaving their paid tasks as a secondary priority . And how about those blatantly rude employees that are just 110% not happy to be in the company and want to take out all their frustrations on you the consumer who pays their salary . One has to ask .. What has happen to the quality of employees hired into businesses these days . Is it this new era ? Is it that people are over worked and underpaid ? Maybe the people of today just aren’t as durable as past employees ?

I believe it’s niether and i want to tell you how all these issues stem from the leaders put infront of these employees . Yes , All Roads Lead To Management !

The world of business at one point and time held high standards and appointed stern management into businesses . This is now something that has completely become a thing of the past . Due to poor management not only is businesses suffering but so is the very few dedicated workers who are working so hard to provide for their families and to help their companies reach it’s greatest potential . When we have a business void of good management we then get the few hard workers that must pick up the slack of these poor workers which i truly feel they are poor workers due to poor management . This is very sad for the dedicated hard workers because no matter how hard they work , their pay remains the same . This causes excessive wear and tear on dedicated employees , mental health issues and leaves hardworkers taking their commitment and dedication to other companies eventually .

So what is the cure to this problem ? The cure is bringing the manager back into management . Corporate leaders need to start empowering strong business minded people once again , people who are not afraid to play their roles as a manager . People who do not just want to keep the company afloat , but excel companies to their greatest heights . Most managers today seek management positions completely void of passion of managing a business . I mean lets face it … Manager positions always lead to bigger paychecks . They also lead to perks such as writing your own schedule , taking breaks and lunches when you choose etc.. Not many are sitting back saying … I want to become a manager to tackle every flaw our company has , to make it grow to new heights whether we succeed at this or not . They simply only see the money and the perks of the position . And i completely understand wanting to earn a better income but i cannot express enough how many times i see managers that just look like they want to run into oncoming traffic due to their stress from their positions . Why take a position if you cannot find some sort of passion in it ? “Now” does this picture start to appear more clearer to you? As i said above , money and perks are why so many are taking manager positions . Have you ever had a problem or looked at a problem and eagerly searched for a way to solve that problem to then finally get what you want ? Well in this very same way is how managers must approach their positions . See a problem , solve a problem . And yes .. Passion has to be involved . Even if it’s slightly passionate .

Managers… Discipline can make or break an employee . Make as in make an employee a great employee , break as in break them down and they quit and this leaves the doors open to greater potential . So managers .. Tell your employee to put the phone away , less talking with coworkers and more working , police the grounds more . It is the only way to revive businesses . some see this as a harsh way to run a business , however what’s harsh is when your business comes crashing down . Don’t let this be you . If you’re going to get into management then MANAGE ! Businesses are hurting tremendously nation wide right now and the only repair can come from solid management . Catapult your business back to greatness with great solid management today .

~Chuck Jeannette~

Decision Fatigue And How It Can Bring You Down ….

Do you often find yourself wondering what to wear ? Wondering what to buy on holidays ? Maybe you even go back and forth daily wondering what to eat . This can absolutely cause the moment that you’re living in to become a recipe for a straight forward depression that you seriously do not need .

Just the other day i was planning for my daughter’s first birthday , when noticing i was stuck in the card aisle of my local supermarket for over ten minutes . All in hopes of finding… “The Perfect Birthday Card” I pondered and pondered my thoughts constantly on.. “it has to be such and such” only to eventually leave the aisle with a blank card . It finally dawned on me .. “When i said to myself” (What The Hell Am I Doing?) I am literally lost in this aisle trying to find SOMEONE ELSE’S words to speak to MY CHILD ! And to remind you … I’m far from this type of person . I am as real of a person as one could be . But this goes to show you , no matter how strong your core values are , that you can still get caught in the traps of marketing attraction and also in the traps of trying to keep up with the Jones’s .

We are literally living in a world where everyone else is controlling our thought process but ourselves . We dress to impress , we talk certain ways to impress , we even eat certain foods to impress . Yes you read that correct .. We eat to impress ! Ever found yourself gazing at a menu wanting what you truly want but then remembering that hot cover model’s body that you so yearn for ? It’s almost as if you’re not in line yourself ordering the food . It’s as if they’re right next to you telling you … Eat what i eat if you yearn to be me . We batter our human spirit on a daily basis all in hopes of being like others ,who we don’t even know personally and that wouldn’t do a thing for us if we did . My mother had a saying when i was growing up that went … (If They Don’t Feed You , Keep A Roof Over Your Head Or Put Clothes On You , Then You Need Not Worry About What They Think Or Say)

These word’s couldn’t be more true . We are sickening ourselves day in and out to keep up with what others are doing . We won’t eat certain things , we won’t dress comfortable , we won’t speak our minds , all due to what other’s might think of us . Why are we building these prisons when we’re completely free human beings ? Ask yourself this .. What could be more comfortable than dressing the way YOU love to dress , what could be more better than speaking your mind , what could be more enjoyable than eating what you enjoy to eat ? And what could be a better birthday card for your loved ones than a blank card that YOU can speak your true feelings through. Why are we giving ourselves over to others opinions ?

Next time you’re standing infront of a mirror , look at yourself. Look at yourself and smile and be 110% happy with who you are . Next time you’re in line at the fast food resturant order that juicy bacon and cheese burger while the unhappy order the salad . Next time you wake up in the morning put on what makes you comfortable . The only way you can be at your best is if you do what’s best for YOU ! Atleast give it a try . Trust me you won’t regret it . Stop giving society a remote control that controls your everyday thoughts . Think Free and LIVE FREE .

~Chuck Jeannette~

What’s The Point In Vacationing ?….

Are you working all year long just to take a measly one week to vacation to a hot sunny state ? Where you will sit on the beach , stay at the finest hotel and rant about how you would love to live like this everyday of your life . Better yet the money you’re spending to do this all . Some people spend close to 10 thousand dollars a year just to vacation . For some people that’s close to their yearly total living expenses . By the way … You can calculate your total living expenses by adding up your monthly rent or mortage times 6 or times 12 . Do the same with your phone bill , cable , utilities etc. And this will get you a ballpark number of a 6 month expense list or a yearly one . With this number you’ll be able to see what you’re spending in a six month span and or a 12 month span . Then you will clearly see some people pay just as close to their yearly expenses as they do for their vacations .

Now this is not a party pooper article telling you to be frugal and or not to live your life to the fullest . In fact this is the complete opposite . This article is to push you to have more vacations and live more abundant than you ever have before . Now you might be saying … Wait a minute, he just said what’s the point in vacationing . Let me ask you this …. Do you like working hard all year long coming home day in and day out , dreading each day and constantly dwelling on the vacation to come months down the road from now ? Or .. Would you rather save that money you been saving for vacation to relocate to a hot state , where the beaches are open all year around . Some people are spending close to 5 to 10 thousand dollars a year vacationing . Let’s use the lower end for example . 5 thousand dollars a year for 5 years is a total of 25 thousand dollars . That’s more than enough for a down payment on a house in a state where the beaches are open all year around .

Wouldn’t you like to come home from work everyday and know the beach is only 10-15 mins away from your home . Imagine coming home day after day and being able to go sit in the sun . Able to relax at home and go to the beach whenever you choose . The worse day of vacation is the night before you know you have to leave your paradise that you paid so much for . There is no worse feeling than the thought of having to go back to work and back to that state you dread so much . So … What is the point in vacationing ? Why not save your money , relocate to a state where you would be able to visit the beach each time you have a day off from work . Makes sense ? Comment below on why you take vacations .

~Chuck Jeannette~

How You Can Live On your Own Terms….

Ever thought of or shall i say dreamed of working for yourself ? Imagine no alarm clock to awakening to every morning , writing your own schedule , wearing your own attire and also making as much money a day as you choose to make . Or does this seem so far fetched to you that you are literally aching inside from the desire ?

Living on your own terms is not easy , but it also isn’t rocket science . Most of the time we constantly hear people say … They don’t have the time ,or … Only if i had the time i would build my own buisness etc. The phrase “Time is money” has never reigned more true . Time is actually money and money is actually time , and I’m going to expain to you why . Let’s say you’re right. Let’s say it really is time that is holding you back . Maybe you work excessive hours at your typical job , heck … Maybe your job even requires mandatory overtime . I know what you’re saying … Well i can’t reduce my hours or I’ll be fired. You might not be in charge of time in that sense, but what you are in charge of is your money and your strategy.

A company might place demands on you for an excessive amount of your time , but they can never dictate how you control your money and or how you strategize your life . The fact that you currently work excessive hours already automatically says you earn more income than the average employee who works a standard 40 hour work week . Now … let’s enter “Living On Your Own Terms” … By working excessive hours weekly , more income is being brought home than the standard 40 hour work week . This can equate to bigger savings . Bigger savings can equate to bigger opportunities . Of course if planned correctly . The problem in America these days isn’t not making enough money , the problem is not investing that money into increasing your knowledge and increasing vaule . In fact it’s not even that . Increasing our vaule and our knowledge is mostly free in this day and era . It’s the money that people are making that they are not taking action with and investing . If people were taking just 10% out of their weekly paycheck and saving it and then eventually investing it into something they’re passionate about , that alone would be the start to the path to living on your own terms .

For some it’s time . Constantly in today’s world it’s heard more and more …. (If only i had the time i would learn something new etc.) If it’s truly time that is hindering you , then this is where saving weekly can dramatically open up time for you . If you were to write down six months of your life expenses and then work toward saving that amount that you calculated and came up with , you would have the opportunity to either take a leave of absence from your job to then work on either your side hustle and or your passion without the worry of giving the majority of your time to your job . This would open up an Abundant amount of time for you to work on your living on your own terms plan . If we would just take a step backwards to take a Huge leap forward , we would indeed thank ourselves for it in the long run . If you saved 6 months of your monthly living expenses , you would have 6 months of time to work on getting either your side hustle or your passion off of the ground . This is more than enough time to atleast start a foundation. Some will never do this . Some will say … Sounds great in theory but it’s just way too risky . What’s risky is always waiting to try and then growing old one day and saying you wish you tried . You can always get another job but one thing you cannot get back is time . Start saving , start investing , and Start living on your own terms today !

~Chuck Jeannette~

4 ways “YOU” can earn more money ….

There are a multitude of ways you can earn more money . However , many of those options come with a price and a price that you have to ask yourself , is it worth paying for ? In an ever growing world with companies expanding , shifting to 24 hour facilities , long days , and with the growing of the internet and entrepreneurship one can only ask , where do they turn to earn more money ? I am going to take the confusion off of your hands in this article with four proven ways to earn more money . The ways are legitimate , the prices are costly and ultimately the decision is yours to make in the end . So without any further ado here are four ways you can earn more money .

1. The first way you can earn more money is by taking advantage of this ever growing expansion of companies in our country today . That is the many that are switching to and or already are 24 hour facilities . Many companies offer endless amounts of overtime , 7 days a week and some are almost unlimited to how many hours a day you can work . This can easily take your pay to time and a half of what you currently make . Depending on how many days and how many long hours in a day you work this can make a significant difference in your normal weekly paycheck .However… I spoke of earlier on a price to pay . In the United States today , the rise of physical deterioration and mental deterioration has more than quadrupled in numbers . We have more divorce rates than ever , and more children growing distant from their parents than any previous generation .Many years ago we lived in a society where a parent could work and the other parent stay home and spend majority of their time with their child . This was typically the mother that was a stay at home mom while dad went to work . Most of these issues above stem from overworked parents who are almost never home and when home are almost always on edge causing a cynical relationship with their significant other and or children . Ask yourself , is long hours worth it for you ?

2. Second way you can earn money is through a side hustle . A side hustle can be a multitude of things and it can also be an addition to the first way you can make money . That is of course if you are that ambitious to put in those many hours a week . Another benefit of a side hustle is you can do a regular part time or regular 40 hour a week full time job and then do a side hustle after 8 hours (standard time) or you can do your side hustle on your days off from your regular job . A side hustle can easily trump time and a half at your regular job . Depending what your side hustle is that is . A side hustle in only a hour or less at times can make you way more than time and a half from your regular job. If done consistently as well it can make you near or even as much as your current job depending on the consistency of your side hustle . If you’re ambitious enough you can even possibly quit your regular job one day in place of your side hustle .

3. The third way to make money is the internet . Many years ago our parents or ancestors didn’t have this option . They were more likely to have to do numbers 1 and 2 of this article . However , we’re fortunate to not be in those times any longer . Nowadays you can take your old watch , throw it up on a site such as eBay and cha ching there’s instant money without putting your back into it at all . With the opportunities constantly growing on the internet it is even possible these days to put to rest your regular job and your side hustle . The internet and it’s opportunities are growing at an alarming rate and if you like to and or want to earn more money , then to not take adavantage of it’s opportunities would be foolish. Learn the internet and it’s paths to greater income today for a better tomorrow . That leads me to number four which goes hand in hand with number three .

4. The fourth and final way to increase your income is through increasing your learning ability. And the reason this goes hand in hand with number three is because the internet is now the number one leading income source in the entire world . By increasing your skills and knowledge you can more than quadruple your income . Imagine being able to quit your regular job and not even having to do your side hustle anymore either . You don’t have to imagine any longer . It’s here and it’s 110% possible . Are you willing to turn down overtime at work constantly to come home and learn more about the endless opportunities available online . Are you willing to invest in books , online courses etc. Are you willing to come home and not watch reruns of your favorite television episodes , not browse social media , all to learn more about the money making opportunities online ?. It will require daily dedication and daily sacrifice . But keep in mind … Nothing great in life comes easy . We live in a time and era where you can run a buisness right from the comfort of your own home . To not look into this atleast is certainly cheating ourselves . Increase your learning ability today so that you can have a better tomorrow .

And there you go . There’s four ways you can earn more money . Let me know in the comments below what you’re doing to earn more money .

~Chuck Jeannette~

Why Being a 2+2 person always wins !

Do you ever wake up bombarded with decisions before you even yawn ? Does the thought of the day and it’s tasks drain you even before those pesky e-mails and social media notifications etc. ? Here’s how being a 2+2 person can erase all of those worries .

Have you ever stopped and wondered why people wear pajamas in public ? What is it and why , that they cannot put on proper attire ? Is it because they really don’t care ? Enter “DECISION FATIGUE” …. Most people have reached a point of not caring about almost anything these days but getting the day done and over with . This is a sad way to live as this life holds so many great things we can have and work towards getting if we just work on getting some of those distractions out of the way . These distractions are all around us . In music videos , magazines , social media platforms etc. Some of us are so drained trying to out due their friends list that they just come to a point of not caring at all anymore . You see , 2+2 has always equaled 4 and will always equal 4 . The 2+2 lifestyle is simply being what the moment calls for . If we were to just simply apply the 2+2 lifestyle we would see a record breaking number of people stress and depression free . Being a 2+2 person is simply wearing shoes and or heels to a wedding , corporate meeting’s , fancy dinner’s etc. Wearing sports gear to the gym , wearing snow jackets in the winter , saying no when you want to say no etc. After all .. you wouldn’t wear work boots to a wedding right ? Then why are you living way off of a 2+2 lifestyle day in and day out ? Why are we wearing basketball shorts to Friday night dinners ? It’s because we’re not living 2+2 . Simplify your life and use what was intended for the moment . I would never wear sports gear out to shop , not because I have any sort of holier than thou attitude , but simply because I know what sports gear was designed for . It was designed for sweat , designed for athletes etc. This is how decision making should be carried all around . If we use our time the same way , we can reach a productivity level we never knew we possessed .

For example …. Set out your goals and stick to them no matter what . Let’s Say you want to start a business and you need to learn more on starting a business . Ask yourself this , is it worth always staying over at your job when they offer extra hours ? Building up that fatigue , coming home more and more exhausted and not being able to focus on your bigger plans . Or , is it easier to just say 2+2=4 ? You see , the 2+2 method can be applied to all and everything in life being you’re willing to apply it . In a nutshell, let your yes’s be yes and your no’s be no . Besides , you owe it to yourself to be a 2+2 person . Don’t waste time stressing yourself out trying to keep up with some one else’s beat of the drum . Life is way to great to not be a 2+2 person . Kill decision fatigue today with a 2+2 lifestyle .

~Chuck Jeannette~

Just me and my grind

The pitch black sky early morning before sunrise . Hot breeze blowing , crickets still chirping and here i am just me and my vision . Me and the 5:30am hour , me and my grind . The day ahead will be long , it will come with many obstacles . However…. The bigger picture is what makes this grind a cakewalk . Today , many will see another day . Another day honestly scares the shit out of me . Another day that will turn into a life sentence for the normal minded individual . A constant aggravation that awakes with their tired bodies . Is my body tired on this grind today ? Honestly I can’t tell . That vision , that bigger picture , that time to acquire more knowledge after this shift is over is the painkiller to my body . While 95% of the world will punch the clock at the end of the day to go home to mindlessly browse social media , gossip , watch hours of television , play hours of video games and text others that are in the same boat as themselves , my shift will end 110% the opposite . When that final punch is put into that clock , I will be like a Rockstar waiting to rock his audience . Knowing the world is at my hands with just clicks of my fingers literally gives me the chills. How could i ever waste my time and pass on this greatest gift given to humanity . Today my grind will be greater due to what awaits me after my grind . Many will grind more hours than me today , doing overtime , multiple jobs etc . However my grind stops after I punch the clock . I transition From grind to gift . What does this mean ? …. Grind is your push , grind is you beating your alarm clock , grind is you pushing yourself for someone else’s bigger picture . Gift however is all on you . You can use what’s at your fingertips as a vehicle to a greater life or you can use it to do what you do on your daily grind . The choice is yours .

~Chuck Jeannette~

Why are we not Rich

In this endless rat race that takes us by storm on a daily basis it’s rare that we EVER have time to stop and devise a well thought out plan . A plan perhaps for us to get more , achieve something greater , maybe even a plan to rise up in a current job we’re in or better yet get out of the rat race completely. Is it possible ? Or is it all a pipe dream ? I think to call it all a pipe dream is completely ignoring the elephant in the room. All it takes is one look around you to see success . The sad part is we work in companies on a everyday basis and are surrounded by the success that has employed us . We never stop to think , to ask , to pick the brains of those around us. Instead we gossip , we browse social media on every chance we get , EVEN WHEN NOT ON BREAKS AND OR LUNCHES ! We talk and listen to unsuccessful co-workers who are in the same predicaments as us . Never thinking of speaking to the higher authorities surrounding us . It’s as if we feel there is no way out of our financial situation . However it’s as simple as pie . I was once told by a successful man .. . “The squeaky wheel gets the grease” Do you see the picture here ? It’s as simple as just breathing air . Let’s jump out of our comfort zone , let’s put fear aside , let’s talk and communicate with those around us who make a higher income , those who are seeking better than our mindless co-worker who is content with staying the same wage or at the same position . Let’s use social media for what it was originally designed for which is NET WORKING , not buddy working . To rise above our current situation and get to a better more richer life we must do what others are not doing . Always remember there are many levels to rich , if you want to reach your level of rich right away then start Net working and start asking questions and taking risks and step outside your comfort zone . Let not tomorrow be your day , start TODAY !

Any questions drop them in the comments below and i will be glad to assist

~Chuck Jeannette~

The Guaranteed 101 , On saving your business from the Retail Apocalypse !

In a time and era where almost anything you can think of is at the click of a finger , one has to ask … How did we come to this click of a finger generation ? And … Is it better or worse for future matters ? The times of walking into grocery stores , clothing stores , fast food restaurants and so on seem to have become grounds for what appears to be a atmosphere in a cemetery. Here are a few declining matters . The tidiness of retail establishments have taken a hit , aisles are now surrounded by men and women who appear to be angered , on edge and far from welcoming instead of the smiling , charming & welcoming staffs we once saw in previous generations before us . Countless amounts of businesses are constantly receiving emails , comments , complaints of employees roaming sales floors while tuned into their mobile devices way more than being in tune with their paid assignments . And let’s face it … (We know majority of the time these encounters with their Mobile devices is not business related at all.) From working in retail a total of 14 years myself , I have seen both the highs and lows of this field , and recently I must admit , I am currently seeing more lows ever than highs . Let’s Rewind to Yesteryear . Yesteryear Employees simply brought with them a better persona , better attitude and above all a better work ethic . But the question still lingers ….. So what is it that directly caused this shift to come about ? You see , before our country Reached this slap on the wrist society , business owners were once firm and fair . Firm as in , employers were much more aware during interviews when selecting to hire a new employee. And fair as in if you fulfilled your end of the deal in working for an employer they compensated the employee with much more than a competitive wage . Employers were also much more strict on informing employees to greet customers , smile , get merchandise to shelves efficiently and above all … No goofing around on the job . Nowadays it seems everything else is important but the paid tasks that the employer has assigned. If anyone thinks for even the slightest second that these reasons mentioned above have nothing to do with thousands of business’s across the United States closing & going bankrupt , then one must be completely blind to the fact . The fact of the matter is , no one wants to walk into a business and be faced with antisocial employees , angered employees and above all lazy employees. These things surely hurt business and the results are showing in record breaking numbers . When customers are not feeling welcomed , they will indeed move on to another establishment . When employees are not getting merchandise to shelves efficiently this absolutely leaves an opportunity open to customers to then go to another competitor of the business .So … What’s the solution ? Managers must return to being Fair but firm , because at the end of the day … All poor employee habits stem from poor management habits . Discipline can either make or break an employee . Make as in make an employee a phenomenal employee , or break them where as they will quit and or be replaced in hopes of hiring another more worthy employee . However. .. what management must not do is sit on the sidelines in their own field . You want to save your business from this click of a finger generation which is dominating all it’s competitors ? Then return to the yesteryear’s of retail . When it comes to saving the retail world , old school is the best school . Remember .. people still want interaction . People are only abandoning business’s due to the poor quality business’s are providing to them . Therefore leaving people no choice but to become online buyers . Have your employees put the work back into work . Discipline , train and above all communicate . Save the retail world today with a hello and a smile .

~Chuck Jeannette~

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