Ever thought of or shall i say dreamed of working for yourself ? Imagine no alarm clock to awakening to every morning , writing your own schedule , wearing your own attire and also making as much money a day as you choose to make . Or does this seem so far fetched to you that you are literally aching inside from the desire ?

Living on your own terms is not easy , but it also isn’t rocket science . Most of the time we constantly hear people say … They don’t have the time ,or … Only if i had the time i would build my own buisness etc. The phrase “Time is money” has never reigned more true . Time is actually money and money is actually time , and I’m going to expain to you why . Let’s say you’re right. Let’s say it really is time that is holding you back . Maybe you work excessive hours at your typical job , heck … Maybe your job even requires mandatory overtime . I know what you’re saying … Well i can’t reduce my hours or I’ll be fired. You might not be in charge of time in that sense, but what you are in charge of is your money and your strategy.

A company might place demands on you for an excessive amount of your time , but they can never dictate how you control your money and or how you strategize your life . The fact that you currently work excessive hours already automatically says you earn more income than the average employee who works a standard 40 hour work week . Now … let’s enter “Living On Your Own Terms” … By working excessive hours weekly , more income is being brought home than the standard 40 hour work week . This can equate to bigger savings . Bigger savings can equate to bigger opportunities . Of course if planned correctly . The problem in America these days isn’t not making enough money , the problem is not investing that money into increasing your knowledge and increasing vaule . In fact it’s not even that . Increasing our vaule and our knowledge is mostly free in this day and era . It’s the money that people are making that they are not taking action with and investing . If people were taking just 10% out of their weekly paycheck and saving it and then eventually investing it into something they’re passionate about , that alone would be the start to the path to living on your own terms .

For some it’s time . Constantly in today’s world it’s heard more and more …. (If only i had the time i would learn something new etc.) If it’s truly time that is hindering you , then this is where saving weekly can dramatically open up time for you . If you were to write down six months of your life expenses and then work toward saving that amount that you calculated and came up with , you would have the opportunity to either take a leave of absence from your job to then work on either your side hustle and or your passion without the worry of giving the majority of your time to your job . This would open up an Abundant amount of time for you to work on your living on your own terms plan . If we would just take a step backwards to take a Huge leap forward , we would indeed thank ourselves for it in the long run . If you saved 6 months of your monthly living expenses , you would have 6 months of time to work on getting either your side hustle or your passion off of the ground . This is more than enough time to atleast start a foundation. Some will never do this . Some will say … Sounds great in theory but it’s just way too risky . What’s risky is always waiting to try and then growing old one day and saying you wish you tried . You can always get another job but one thing you cannot get back is time . Start saving , start investing , and Start living on your own terms today !

~Chuck Jeannette~

Published by Live Free Media

I am simply a 2+2 guy is my saying . Strictly common sense and as real as they come . My outlook's on life is definitely not understood by the norm and i am content with that . However don't tell me i can't change the world because if i just change one person i changed the world , because a world lies in each one of us .

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