Are you working all year long just to take a measly one week to vacation to a hot sunny state ? Where you will sit on the beach , stay at the finest hotel and rant about how you would love to live like this everyday of your life . Better yet the money you’re spending to do this all . Some people spend close to 10 thousand dollars a year just to vacation . For some people that’s close to their yearly total living expenses . By the way … You can calculate your total living expenses by adding up your monthly rent or mortage times 6 or times 12 . Do the same with your phone bill , cable , utilities etc. And this will get you a ballpark number of a 6 month expense list or a yearly one . With this number you’ll be able to see what you’re spending in a six month span and or a 12 month span . Then you will clearly see some people pay just as close to their yearly expenses as they do for their vacations .

Now this is not a party pooper article telling you to be frugal and or not to live your life to the fullest . In fact this is the complete opposite . This article is to push you to have more vacations and live more abundant than you ever have before . Now you might be saying … Wait a minute, he just said what’s the point in vacationing . Let me ask you this …. Do you like working hard all year long coming home day in and day out , dreading each day and constantly dwelling on the vacation to come months down the road from now ? Or .. Would you rather save that money you been saving for vacation to relocate to a hot state , where the beaches are open all year around . Some people are spending close to 5 to 10 thousand dollars a year vacationing . Let’s use the lower end for example . 5 thousand dollars a year for 5 years is a total of 25 thousand dollars . That’s more than enough for a down payment on a house in a state where the beaches are open all year around .

Wouldn’t you like to come home from work everyday and know the beach is only 10-15 mins away from your home . Imagine coming home day after day and being able to go sit in the sun . Able to relax at home and go to the beach whenever you choose . The worse day of vacation is the night before you know you have to leave your paradise that you paid so much for . There is no worse feeling than the thought of having to go back to work and back to that state you dread so much . So … What is the point in vacationing ? Why not save your money , relocate to a state where you would be able to visit the beach each time you have a day off from work . Makes sense ? Comment below on why you take vacations .

~Chuck Jeannette~

Published by Live Free Media

I am simply a 2+2 guy is my saying . Strictly common sense and as real as they come . My outlook's on life is definitely not understood by the norm and i am content with that . However don't tell me i can't change the world because if i just change one person i changed the world , because a world lies in each one of us .

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