Do you often find yourself wondering what to wear ? Wondering what to buy on holidays ? Maybe you even go back and forth daily wondering what to eat . This can absolutely cause the moment that you’re living in to become a recipe for a straight forward depression that you seriously do not need .

Just the other day i was planning for my daughter’s first birthday , when noticing i was stuck in the card aisle of my local supermarket for over ten minutes . All in hopes of finding… “The Perfect Birthday Card” I pondered and pondered my thoughts constantly on.. “it has to be such and such” only to eventually leave the aisle with a blank card . It finally dawned on me .. “When i said to myself” (What The Hell Am I Doing?) I am literally lost in this aisle trying to find SOMEONE ELSE’S words to speak to MY CHILD ! And to remind you … I’m far from this type of person . I am as real of a person as one could be . But this goes to show you , no matter how strong your core values are , that you can still get caught in the traps of marketing attraction and also in the traps of trying to keep up with the Jones’s .

We are literally living in a world where everyone else is controlling our thought process but ourselves . We dress to impress , we talk certain ways to impress , we even eat certain foods to impress . Yes you read that correct .. We eat to impress ! Ever found yourself gazing at a menu wanting what you truly want but then remembering that hot cover model’s body that you so yearn for ? It’s almost as if you’re not in line yourself ordering the food . It’s as if they’re right next to you telling you … Eat what i eat if you yearn to be me . We batter our human spirit on a daily basis all in hopes of being like others ,who we don’t even know personally and that wouldn’t do a thing for us if we did . My mother had a saying when i was growing up that went … (If They Don’t Feed You , Keep A Roof Over Your Head Or Put Clothes On You , Then You Need Not Worry About What They Think Or Say)

These word’s couldn’t be more true . We are sickening ourselves day in and out to keep up with what others are doing . We won’t eat certain things , we won’t dress comfortable , we won’t speak our minds , all due to what other’s might think of us . Why are we building these prisons when we’re completely free human beings ? Ask yourself this .. What could be more comfortable than dressing the way YOU love to dress , what could be more better than speaking your mind , what could be more enjoyable than eating what you enjoy to eat ? And what could be a better birthday card for your loved ones than a blank card that YOU can speak your true feelings through. Why are we giving ourselves over to others opinions ?

Next time you’re standing infront of a mirror , look at yourself. Look at yourself and smile and be 110% happy with who you are . Next time you’re in line at the fast food resturant order that juicy bacon and cheese burger while the unhappy order the salad . Next time you wake up in the morning put on what makes you comfortable . The only way you can be at your best is if you do what’s best for YOU ! Atleast give it a try . Trust me you won’t regret it . Stop giving society a remote control that controls your everyday thoughts . Think Free and LIVE FREE .

~Chuck Jeannette~

Published by Live Free Media

I am simply a 2+2 guy is my saying . Strictly common sense and as real as they come . My outlook's on life is definitely not understood by the norm and i am content with that . However don't tell me i can't change the world because if i just change one person i changed the world , because a world lies in each one of us .

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