There are a multitude of ways you can earn more money . However , many of those options come with a price and a price that you have to ask yourself , is it worth paying for ? In an ever growing world with companies expanding , shifting to 24 hour facilities , long days , and with the growing of the internet and entrepreneurship one can only ask , where do they turn to earn more money ? I am going to take the confusion off of your hands in this article with four proven ways to earn more money . The ways are legitimate , the prices are costly and ultimately the decision is yours to make in the end . So without any further ado here are four ways you can earn more money .

1. The first way you can earn more money is by taking advantage of this ever growing expansion of companies in our country today . That is the many that are switching to and or already are 24 hour facilities . Many companies offer endless amounts of overtime , 7 days a week and some are almost unlimited to how many hours a day you can work . This can easily take your pay to time and a half of what you currently make . Depending on how many days and how many long hours in a day you work this can make a significant difference in your normal weekly paycheck .However… I spoke of earlier on a price to pay . In the United States today , the rise of physical deterioration and mental deterioration has more than quadrupled in numbers . We have more divorce rates than ever , and more children growing distant from their parents than any previous generation .Many years ago we lived in a society where a parent could work and the other parent stay home and spend majority of their time with their child . This was typically the mother that was a stay at home mom while dad went to work . Most of these issues above stem from overworked parents who are almost never home and when home are almost always on edge causing a cynical relationship with their significant other and or children . Ask yourself , is long hours worth it for you ?

2. Second way you can earn money is through a side hustle . A side hustle can be a multitude of things and it can also be an addition to the first way you can make money . That is of course if you are that ambitious to put in those many hours a week . Another benefit of a side hustle is you can do a regular part time or regular 40 hour a week full time job and then do a side hustle after 8 hours (standard time) or you can do your side hustle on your days off from your regular job . A side hustle can easily trump time and a half at your regular job . Depending what your side hustle is that is . A side hustle in only a hour or less at times can make you way more than time and a half from your regular job. If done consistently as well it can make you near or even as much as your current job depending on the consistency of your side hustle . If you’re ambitious enough you can even possibly quit your regular job one day in place of your side hustle .

3. The third way to make money is the internet . Many years ago our parents or ancestors didn’t have this option . They were more likely to have to do numbers 1 and 2 of this article . However , we’re fortunate to not be in those times any longer . Nowadays you can take your old watch , throw it up on a site such as eBay and cha ching there’s instant money without putting your back into it at all . With the opportunities constantly growing on the internet it is even possible these days to put to rest your regular job and your side hustle . The internet and it’s opportunities are growing at an alarming rate and if you like to and or want to earn more money , then to not take adavantage of it’s opportunities would be foolish. Learn the internet and it’s paths to greater income today for a better tomorrow . That leads me to number four which goes hand in hand with number three .

4. The fourth and final way to increase your income is through increasing your learning ability. And the reason this goes hand in hand with number three is because the internet is now the number one leading income source in the entire world . By increasing your skills and knowledge you can more than quadruple your income . Imagine being able to quit your regular job and not even having to do your side hustle anymore either . You don’t have to imagine any longer . It’s here and it’s 110% possible . Are you willing to turn down overtime at work constantly to come home and learn more about the endless opportunities available online . Are you willing to invest in books , online courses etc. Are you willing to come home and not watch reruns of your favorite television episodes , not browse social media , all to learn more about the money making opportunities online ?. It will require daily dedication and daily sacrifice . But keep in mind … Nothing great in life comes easy . We live in a time and era where you can run a buisness right from the comfort of your own home . To not look into this atleast is certainly cheating ourselves . Increase your learning ability today so that you can have a better tomorrow .

And there you go . There’s four ways you can earn more money . Let me know in the comments below what you’re doing to earn more money .

~Chuck Jeannette~

Published by Live Free Media

I am simply a 2+2 guy is my saying . Strictly common sense and as real as they come . My outlook's on life is definitely not understood by the norm and i am content with that . However don't tell me i can't change the world because if i just change one person i changed the world , because a world lies in each one of us .

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  1. I wish I could be able to make more money but with a full time job is very difficult to find time for anything else…then the place I’m living in doesn’t allow me to have also a second job or a part time in my weekend….will try with the online option but definitely not easy either :)…but I know, nothing is easy nowadays…if we want something we need to go for it 🙂


    1. Another awesome way to make money that i do is shop at Goodwill and Thrift stores , find products that have worth and sell them on ebay . Great way for a side income and requires minimal time . You’ll be surprised at what you’ll find in these stores at almost a giveaway price and you can flip it to way more money . If you need any other ideas i am definitely willing to help. I also have a youtube channel where i give out many tips

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