So many are going to punch a time clock today with an enormous amount of hate while doing so . Finally the time is going to narrow down to 20 mins until you can punch out and be free from your job . Before then though your boss is going to approach you and ask you … Would you like to stay for some overtime , because your coworker called out of work . Are you passionate about your dreams ? Do you literally itch to work on your passion? So here’s the moment of truth .. Your boss has asked you to stay for ( Time and a half ) to tap into your time of working on your passion. Let’s see how much that passion is TRULY worth. Now’s the time . Are you going to fold ? Are you going to spit in the face of your passion ? Choice is yours .

P.S. Imagine your coworker called out because he or she needed more time to work on his or her passion “WHOA” !!!!

~Live Free Media~

Published by Live Free Media

I am simply a 2+2 guy is my saying . Strictly common sense and as real as they come . My outlook's on life is definitely not understood by the norm and i am content with that . However don't tell me i can't change the world because if i just change one person i changed the world , because a world lies in each one of us .

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