Are You Going To Live Free Today ? …

So many are going to punch a time clock today with an enormous amount of hate while doing so . Finally the time is going to narrow down to 20 mins until you can punch out and be free from your job . Before then though your boss is going to approach you and ask […]

The Weakest Link In Business Is Always Management ….

Is it becoming more and more common to walk into businesses and continuously see employees browsing their mobile devices , how about those employees that just gather up with each other to discuss their personal life for majority of their shift leaving their paid tasks as a secondary priority . And how about those blatantly […]

Decision Fatigue And How It Can Bring You Down ….

Do you often find yourself wondering what to wear ? Wondering what to buy on holidays ? Maybe you even go back and forth daily wondering what to eat . This can absolutely cause the moment that you’re living in to become a recipe for a straight forward depression that you seriously do not need […]

How You Can Live On your Own Terms….

Ever thought of or shall i say dreamed of working for yourself ? Imagine no alarm clock to awakening to every morning , writing your own schedule , wearing your own attire and also making as much money a day as you choose to make . Or does this seem so far fetched to you […]

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