Is it becoming more and more common to walk into businesses and continuously see employees browsing their mobile devices , how about those employees that just gather up with each other to discuss their personal life for majority of their shift leaving their paid tasks as a secondary priority . And how about those blatantly rude employees that are just 110% not happy to be in the company and want to take out all their frustrations on you the consumer who pays their salary . One has to ask .. What has happen to the quality of employees hired into businesses these days . Is it this new era ? Is it that people are over worked and underpaid ? Maybe the people of today just aren’t as durable as past employees ?

I believe it’s niether and i want to tell you how all these issues stem from the leaders put infront of these employees . Yes , All Roads Lead To Management !

The world of business at one point and time held high standards and appointed stern management into businesses . This is now something that has completely become a thing of the past . Due to poor management not only is businesses suffering but so is the very few dedicated workers who are working so hard to provide for their families and to help their companies reach it’s greatest potential . When we have a business void of good management we then get the few hard workers that must pick up the slack of these poor workers which i truly feel they are poor workers due to poor management . This is very sad for the dedicated hard workers because no matter how hard they work , their pay remains the same . This causes excessive wear and tear on dedicated employees , mental health issues and leaves hardworkers taking their commitment and dedication to other companies eventually .

So what is the cure to this problem ? The cure is bringing the manager back into management . Corporate leaders need to start empowering strong business minded people once again , people who are not afraid to play their roles as a manager . People who do not just want to keep the company afloat , but excel companies to their greatest heights . Most managers today seek management positions completely void of passion of managing a business . I mean lets face it … Manager positions always lead to bigger paychecks . They also lead to perks such as writing your own schedule , taking breaks and lunches when you choose etc.. Not many are sitting back saying … I want to become a manager to tackle every flaw our company has , to make it grow to new heights whether we succeed at this or not . They simply only see the money and the perks of the position . And i completely understand wanting to earn a better income but i cannot express enough how many times i see managers that just look like they want to run into oncoming traffic due to their stress from their positions . Why take a position if you cannot find some sort of passion in it ? “Now” does this picture start to appear more clearer to you? As i said above , money and perks are why so many are taking manager positions . Have you ever had a problem or looked at a problem and eagerly searched for a way to solve that problem to then finally get what you want ? Well in this very same way is how managers must approach their positions . See a problem , solve a problem . And yes .. Passion has to be involved . Even if it’s slightly passionate .

Managers… Discipline can make or break an employee . Make as in make an employee a great employee , break as in break them down and they quit and this leaves the doors open to greater potential . So managers .. Tell your employee to put the phone away , less talking with coworkers and more working , police the grounds more . It is the only way to revive businesses . some see this as a harsh way to run a business , however what’s harsh is when your business comes crashing down . Don’t let this be you . If you’re going to get into management then MANAGE ! Businesses are hurting tremendously nation wide right now and the only repair can come from solid management . Catapult your business back to greatness with great solid management today .

~Chuck Jeannette~

Published by Live Free Media

I am simply a 2+2 guy is my saying . Strictly common sense and as real as they come . My outlook's on life is definitely not understood by the norm and i am content with that . However don't tell me i can't change the world because if i just change one person i changed the world , because a world lies in each one of us .

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